“Unstoppable Home Teacher” Crash Course

Dedicated parents will do anything to see their children succeed.

These are uncertain times.

Many parents are very concerned about the education their child is receiving. We are putting together resources to ensure all parents can ensure that their child gets an amazing holistic education.

There has been an incredible effort to provide guidance to our teachers, though it often only used to criticise those in the process of developing their teaching.

Here are our pages for each of the teacher standards (Work in progress)

Teacher standard 1: High expecations

Teacher standard 2: Progress and Outcomes

Teacher standard 3: Subject Knowledge

Teacher standard 4: Planning

Teacher standard 5: Adaptation

Teacher standard 6: Assessment

Teacher standard 7: Managing Behaviour

Teacher standard 8: Wider Responsibilities

Teacher standards: Professionalism

Here is a a government document with more information!

All teachers are expected to be held to account on all these issues for every moment they teach. This is not a realistic expectation, especially for those without years of successful teaching experience. Few teachers ever achieve this.

The important thing for parent educators is to be aware of the importance and reasoning behind each part of the teacher standards. If you understand the basic concepts – you will notice the difference in success.

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