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We all succeed when we all succeed together.

The goal of all educators is the same.

We all want to see our students become the most brilliant and successful versions of themselves. Whether we are parents, teachers or students, everyone is working toward the same goal.

The UK education system, and several others around the world, do not achieve this. Our students and children deserve better.

We believe that working together, we will achieve far more than working alone.

We have built a network of teachers and parents who are passionate about giving their children and students the best education possible.

There are three main aims within our network:

As teachers, we have a lot of experience with dealing with impossible situations. Having 35 fifteen year olds bouncing off the walls while trying to teach them trigonometry last thing on a Friday could have been one of the Herculean Trials.

We share our experiences and strategies for success. By sharing funny anecdotes and advice articles, or by directing parents to our free online education course, we will ensure parents are more confident, happy and successful in their home education efforts.

We all share a passion for education and social justice. We want to see our children succeed and other children get given a fair chance in life.

By joining our Facebook Group you will have immediate access to some of the best educational professionals around, and we will make sure we are on hand to answer any education related questions as best we can!

We will soon be holding community events and competitions, with fancy prizes! We don’t charge a penny, now or ever. We aren’t doing this for money.

We are going to march into whatever public forums our politicians speak at, and demand better from them.

We have had a recruitment crisis for 8 years. Our system was designed on the shoddy science of genetic superiority.

Many of our public servents do not care, their children get a private education, while ours face constant high stakes assessments, underfunding and endless government interference.

Every person who joins our Facebook Group adds their voice to ours.

One voice for change can only carry so far, no matter how passionate or knowleddgeable it is.

But we are not one voice.

We are thousands of voices, joined together, calling out as one and demanding change.

We will raise our voice until it kicks open the doors of politics and ensures that our nation’s children get the safe and broad education they deserve.

Let us add your voice to ours.

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