Emotionality and Disordered Eating; Why helping children understand and process their emotionality is key

By Food Freedom Coach Chloe Jane Prince The hardest part of my journey was when I sat across in the garden from my mum, and told her I couldn’t live anymore. I thought I had healed my eating disorder, but it was about so much more than the food. Many people believe that disordered eating,Continue reading “Emotionality and Disordered Eating; Why helping children understand and process their emotionality is key”

An introduction to meditation

Meditation is something that many know about, or have heard about, but few people practice. It’s an incredible skill to have and I think it is so important to teach to children. Meditation means different things to different people and religions, but what I’ll be showing here is my take on it. I see meditationContinue reading “An introduction to meditation”

What is the risk of home education?

I’m involved in a project that provides support to parents worried about their childrens’ safety and education. Today, I’m seeing a number of posts from parents wondering if they have what it takes to home educate. It is a daunting prospect and compassionate parents are the most likely to overburden themselves with guilt and anxiety,Continue reading “What is the risk of home education?”

Bestselling Author Matthew Haig speaks out for mental health education reform

Tortoise Media continue to organise and host incredible events – this time allowing Tortoise members to have a conversation with bestselling author Matthew Haig. Matthew has just released his latest novel “The Midnight Library” today, which has jumped straight to the top of my reading list, prioritised over the novel I am currently in theContinue reading “Bestselling Author Matthew Haig speaks out for mental health education reform”

What parents need to know about modern video games

There’s a question that most parents will face, that can be tricky to answer: “What’s the harm in playing video games?” Especially if you have a smart child, who can provide arguments on developing teamwork, social skills or lateral thinking, it be very difficult to come up with a great answer to! But parents areContinue reading “What parents need to know about modern video games”

Helping children with their emotions

The first thing that you need to understand about emotion it is not a mystery. For thousands of years people put their hands up and went “Well, we can’t understand it, let’s not bother” But the world’s finest scientists have been developing our collective understanding of emotion, I’ve read it, and created this video toContinue reading “Helping children with their emotions”

What’s all this emotion about?

After starting teaching, it immediately became apparent that the job was incredibly complicated. Each of your 33 students would have a different relationship with the each of the other 32 students, and endless friendship groups with their own group dynamics. If you didn’t command their attention, persuade them to work, they would all soon startContinue reading “What’s all this emotion about?”

Wednesday inspiration!

Wednesday is a tricky one. For some people it is known as hump day – where you have gotten over the worst and it’s downhill from there. It always felt draining as a teacher, the point where my weekly admin would start to overflow. But since starting my own business every day is an amazingContinue reading “Wednesday inspiration!”