Online community events in the Covid age – an experiment in digital fundraising

As mentioned in my SMART fundraising post, I believe that fundraising efforts have the most success when they offer something in return. I’m excited to report that working with Ed 2 – Parents united learning community, I had the perfect opportunity to put my framework to the test! This article is a longform write-up ofContinue reading “Online community events in the Covid age – an experiment in digital fundraising”

Fundraising the SMART way

Fundraising is a key component of any community focused organisation. If your organisation has enough employees or dedicated volunteers to call upon, smart fundraising can allow you to be far more ambitious with your future projects. Fundraising is not an easy skill. As a street fundraiser you had 3 days to prove you could handleContinue reading “Fundraising the SMART way”

What’s all this emotion about?

After starting teaching, it immediately became apparent that the job was incredibly complicated. Each of your 33 students would have a different relationship with the each of the other 32 students, and endless friendship groups with their own group dynamics. If you didn’t command their attention, persuade them to work, they would all soon startContinue reading “What’s all this emotion about?”

Show them proof: Using surveys to achieve change

Schools are mandated to follow specific curriculum expectations, but often the narrow curriculum leaves out important topics that students need to know. Persuading a school to consider new approaches will often require more than words – so we have created a data collection tool for you to easily illustrate the problem. Contact us if youContinue reading “Show them proof: Using surveys to achieve change”

Make them listen: Contacting Politicians Effectively

Copy and paste the letter below into your email app, and use the {gaps} to make it personal. MPs are busy but they are human and their emails are often read by their assistants, who summarise them. Make them see how important this issue is and they will pass that along. They notice when hundredsContinue reading “Make them listen: Contacting Politicians Effectively”