We are “Believe in better education,” a group of teachers who have faced the incredible challenges that stem from the crippling failure in education policy. At the dawn of the new millenium, the landscape of cognitive psychology changed, but the UK education system is still adapting from its Victorian past.

The politicians responsible have their heads in the sand while the recruitment crisis enters its eighth consecutive year and has been shaped by ghastly eugenic beliefs.

Universities teach teachers in ways supported by endless research: student led, high engagement conditions are proven to hugely accelerate learning.

Unfortunately after eight years of recruitment crisis, fuelled by excessive workload and endless High stakes assessments being commanded by Ofsted, many teachers struggle to meet the endless demands. 

In a high percentage of schools, prison style behaviour management and information drilling is used to allow less experienced or unqualified teachers to achieve “good” results. 

If they don’t get good results the whole school can be shut down by Ofsted.This stress is invariably passed on to our heads, struggling to address the destructive underfunding
They pass it on to overpromoted and impossibly stretched middle leaders. If they don’t achieve their data targets they’ll be on less money next year.
They pass it on to our teachers, drowning in impossible workloads and an ever increasing array of responsibilities. God forbid anyone else could be responsible for counter terrorism. If they don’t hit their data targets they will find their ability at this extremely challenging role is deemed inadequate.
Our students receive the brunt of this maelstrom of anxiety, and too few of the skills promoted by holistic education systems that focus on like research skillsproblem solving & developing their interests in a growth mindset capacity.

This is undeniably connected to the mental health crisis that prompted our universities to warn us that up to 10 of your class of 35 may be self harming at any time. We’ve confiscated compasses off of 8 year olds, and saved eleven year old kids by talking them down from ledges. We’ve made phone calls home that have helped those children turn their lives around.

We know the system can be better. Governmental decisions have the power to change the dynamic overnight with no cost. Relaxing the suffocation of government control is the only sensible response to the crisis. We are creating resources to see every child given the skills needed to survive in society. 

We have designed and are negotiating funding for our two day workshop program “study, share, succeed” which covers the most drastic failures in the education system, such as emotional resilience, self awareness and young enterprise, supported by a youth business network and mentoring program. 

We are working with several campaigns to design a “Unstoppable home teacher” crash course which covers all 8 teacher standards and the fundamentals of education theory for parents dedicated to ensuring their child gets the best education.

We are working with headteachers and local campaigns to create “The Psychology of Fundraising masterclass” a workshop for headteachers, charity and campaign organisers, looking to galvanise community support during this stressful times.

We will distribute all our resources for free. We know these resources have the power to change lives, we want to share them with everyone.

We are in contact with top politicians and are encouraging teachers to stand for election. The skills of a teacher have been disrespected by government policy for too long. They have forgotten how difficult the job is, and how dedicated teachers are to helping their students.

If you are passionate about education, and can give a couple of hours each week to fighting for a better system, join our Facebook group, introduce yourself and we’ll give you everything you need to change the world.

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