The Democratic Allegiance Podcast – Coming soon

It is absolutely tragic that current affairs feel like we are in the final act of Revenge of the sith.

Each new week brings new tales of horrific corruption, illegality and shocking incompetence from those in charge of our country.

How did we get here?

How does this problem get fixed?

I think there is only one answer: electoral reform.

Our political system is adversarial, not collaborative. It encourages tribal polarity rather than compromise. As Labour swung hard to the left, the Tories swung hard to the right, and with a system that means 80% of votes don’t matter, ordinary people can do very little but watch in despair.

Fixing education requires fixing that system.

So how can people make a difference? Who are the organisations that have been telling us that electoral reform is vital for our nation for decades? What are the latest affronts to democracy? What global experiments are using technology to empower democracy? What innovations are the brightest minds in advertising, political campaigning coming up with that can help organisations achieve real change?

Join me on the “Democratic allegiance podcast” each week to hear answers from veteran campaigners and get to know those who have devoted their life to public service.

Coming soon!

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