An introduction to meditation

Meditation is something that many know about, or have heard about, but few people practice.

It’s an incredible skill to have and I think it is so important to teach to children.

Meditation means different things to different people and religions, but what I’ll be showing here is my take on it.

I see meditation as a chance for testing what we are capable of. It may seem like an impossible task to sit and do nothing, but in conquering that impossibility, your capability for self mastery is revealed.

I think meditation is really important – we can live such busy lives that we find it almost impossible to slow down or be away from a phone, laptop or tv for even a few minutes. Our brains revel in the stimulation that comes from looking at your phone whilst also watching tv, flicking back and forth and never being alone with our thoughts.

As well as endurance, meditation is a process of rest – it recharges your body and mind and can give you the strength to endure the emotional hardships life throws at us.

Meditation, to me, just involves sitting and being. You might want to try to clear your thoughts and be in stillness (if you can, for most people this is a skill that comes with a lot of practice) but I recommend starting by just focusing on counting your breath in and out as it goes.

Your brain will have thoughts that come up, acknowledge them by thinking “I know that this is important, I will return to it later” and then go back to counting/clearing.

Meditation is not a competition and you cannot fail at it. I have had meditation sessions where I have spent the entire time thinking through a problem that was lying ahead of me.

Sometimes you will have thoughts that tell you this has made the entire endeavour pointless – but actually if you needed to sit and process that I can guarantee that you will feel better for having done so!

Meditation gives us the chance to eliminate that which distracts us, and in doing so allows us to face down our fears, anger and sadness and rise above them. There are few activities I can recommend more.

Don’t feel the need to copy my posture, or worry if you are finding hard to sit still, that is to be expected, just stick with it as long as you can.

If it is your first time and you master 30 seconds of meditating, that’s 30 seconds more than you did yesterday, and it will be easier to do more tomorrow

I’ve uploaded a guided meditation below. I have filled it with positive affirmations and think that being guided is the perfect place to start with meditation, but there are countless youtube videos with different meditation music and approaches to guided meditation.

Wherever you are, and whatever you face, if you need words of support and belief they will be here for you.

I hope this helps!

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