Wednesday inspiration!

Wednesday is a tricky one. For some people it is known as hump day – where you have gotten over the worst and it’s downhill from there. It always felt draining as a teacher, the point where my weekly admin would start to overflow.

But since starting my own business every day is an amazing day to seize new opportunities! I’m attending a conference today with the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Anneliese Dodds MP & more, the chat function on the online conferences gives everyone a voice in the conversation, and anyone can sign up! I’ll also be speaking at the Global Schools Alliance Virtual Conference to share the amazing project we are working on here.

Speaking up for education is enormously satisfying!

But if you haven’t been as fortunate as I have, you might be feeling like Wednesday has been knackering.

I’m going to try to turn it around for you.

Now there are many incredible cognitive psychology based techniques for altering mood, but I find that the very best solutions are ones that are very well known!

So here’s the cutest kittens you ever saw. I hope the rest of the day can be spent with them reminding you how incredible it is that technology allows us to look at endless pictures & videos of cute animals at any time from any place.

I’m fairly sure all of humanity has been working towards this goal for as long as we’ve been around!

The owner of these wonderful kittens is a good friend of mine, who looked for opportunities to start a new project in lockdown! Please go follow her and enjoy beautiful kitten pictures and videos every day!

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