Founder Russell Wellbeing speaking up for holistic education at Tortoise Education Summit

With 500 top educators in attendance, and countless high profile educators, the public chat function was excellent in communicating with the very best in the business. Our co-founder Josh “Russell Wellbeing” was able to put key questions to those at the forefront of academia, politics and social media influencing:

A very useful discussion, worth watching in its entirety. Asked Dylan William to weigh in on the damage of constant high stakes assessment & Ofsted pressure (from 15:19)

Jo Johnson was useless and negative throughout. Questioned him on how we solve a decade of education policy failure (from 36:10):

George the poet was fantastic. We discussed the missed opportunities in our narrow curriculum with George the Poet (from 34:43). He praised my input and then forgot my name.

Highlight was being shared by Tortoise Media – a fantastic organisation doing amazing work in reporting the news. I had no idea an education summit would share my words. But seizing opportunities with growth mindset allows us to achieve our full potential.

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